The DADDY’s Girl Forever book and devotional: the dynamic duo for YOU—the grown up little girl who’s never outgrown the need for a loving relationship with her father.

Embark on a powerful journey to reassess what defines you with the perfect accompaniment to DADDY’s Girl Forever.

Conversational in style, each day contains bite-sized truths mixed with personal stories, exploring how God sees you, what He says about you, and all He’s given you in Jesus.

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“This devotional is thought provoking, enlightening and provides heart healing all at the same time!” – Amazon review

For the little girl in every woman longing for the love and approval only a daddy can give.

In Vanessa’s first book, you’ll discover how to move past the limits of your relationship with your father to find identity, acceptance, and unconditional love in the ultimate DADDY-daughter relationship with God.

Available on Amazon.

“Whether a woman’s relationship with her father or father figure was loving or lacking, this book offers more—in the hope and healing found in the truth about God’s heart towards you.” – Amazon review